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Get Seen Or Die

In an era where social media is the major channel for communication and information sharing, with brands constantly trying to capture audience attention in the most creative and exciting way possible, you will be doing your business a huge disservice not to visually engage.

You wonder why do you have such a beautiful page with a perfectly aligned layout yet you are not converting or selling? The answer is simple, people can’t buy what they don’t know.

Imagine you’re thirsty right now and you want a soft drink, what comes to mind, I’ll guess, a bottle of Coke, Pepsi, Fanta, and perhaps another popular brand.

So, the question is, what or who comes to mind when people think of a product or service in the space that you operate? are you doing enough to get seen? Have they ever seen or heard about your product or services? Remember the old saying;

‘’Seeing is believing’’.

So how do you get seen?

Brand visibility is perhaps the most powerful tool an SME must explore in other to stay in business. It’s either you get seen, or you die.

Brand visibility is the only way customers get to know about your brand, it’s an interesting way to quietly creep into an audience subconscious and ultimately making it easier for them to remember your brand when a need for your service presents itself. And with the use of video marketing, it has become easier than ever before to leave a lasting impression in people’s minds.

Video content has completely changed the way customers interact with brands, Video Marketing has the potential of increasing your social media engagement and conversion rates by over 80% as 90% of customers say that video helps them make buying decisions. So aside from creating brand visibility, when your customer search for your brand or a service that you offer, will they find you? Will a video about your brand surface? Is this video creative and exciting enough to engage these customers? Does this video have enough information to help the customer make a decision in 60sec or less? These are critical questions that you will have to answer.

As a small and medium scale enterprise, you must have a video marketing strategy, this strategy must be developed by a person or professional who understands your brand, your target audience, your customer social media behavior, their interest and most importantly their questions. What is the question your customers are struggling with and will your video provide the answers?

While creating a video for your brand, it is important to pay attention to the quality of your content, as high-quality visual for your brand impact on the overall perception of your brand. A great visual quality equals great brand perception.

It is also important to tell compelling visual stories that resonate with your customers while delivering your brand message, that way it’s easier for them to retain the information.

It is the ultimate desire of every business owner to increase sales, and video marketing is an amazing tool you can leverage to grow your business. Video changes your entire business for good, so it’s time to stop selling in the dark and put the spotlight on your business with the right video marketing strategy.

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