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Unemployment continues to plague Nigeria and many are forced to live in extreme poverty unable to fend for themselves and their families, everyday millions of people take to the streets in a bid to make ends meet. For some, they are viewed as public nuisance and often looked down on while others are happy going about their business. Deep beyond the hustle

of this informal sector, are untold unique stories of lost hope, struggle and survival.

Hulks project was created to make you take a moment, pause, see, listen and appreciate how much of life is happening around you. HULK is a documentary series bringing you true life stories of everyday Nigerians. The good, the bad, the ugly and the very ugly. Letting you into the lives of Africa’s most populous nation, their tears, faith and dreams.

The hulk project is created by Marthins Harrison the Creative Director at MHFRAME Production, a Multimedia company situated in Lagos, Nigeria. With expertise in storytelling, broadcasting, corporate communication, event management and visual perception management. Marthins ultimate goal is to use his experience and expertise to create content that not only resonate with viewers but also impact on society. As an alumni of Pan Atlantic University school of Media and Communication, Marthins believes that beyond entertainment, media remains an incredible tool for social change.

In 2014, the first episode was released with the aim to help amplify the struggles of the poor within our society and get support from the public. through this series, he has supported and changed the lives of families in Lagos, the most recent beneficiary is Mr Gabriel, a 71 Truck Pusher at Ogba-Ijaiye. 13 years after being laid off work, he was still working to fend for himself and his family by pushing trucks on the streets of Lagos and 35 years old Mrs Blessing Eze from Ebonyi state with 3 children who lives in the slums of Festac.

Through the help of hulks project, we are able to raise over half a million directly to Mr Gabriel to start a new business, while Mrs Blessing and her kids are on the path to having a better life.

According to Marthins, this is his legacy project and he hopes to continue impacting society, one story at a time and hopes that corporate Nigeria can adopt project like this that will impact positively on their host communities.

You can watch the hulks stories here.

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